We will not be undersold on Bradford-White Heaters. Cash and Carry–$799. +tax.

Installation prices from $1,299 + tax  ( Includes  Heater )

We also install Direct Vent Bradford White Water Heaters  

Direct Vent water heaters utilize a co-axial (pipe inside a pipe) vent pipe that takes air in from the outside (outer vent) and vents combustion gases directly back to the outside (outer vent). It is the perfect choice for situations with insufficient combustion air. No electricity required.

We also install auto shutoff valve- $250.00 installed with heater. 

The LeakSmart Water Heater kit helps prevent devastating water damage in your home from a leaking water heater. As soon as a leak is detected, an audible alarm is sounded and the water supply is automatically shut-off to the water heater.  It’s that simple.
  • An easy-to-read and use LED control panel with lighted function buttons
  • AC power source with battery back-up for continuous operation in the event of a power outage
  • Solid brass, full port motorized brass water ball valve for dependable, long-lasting performance
  • Automatic monthly maintenance cycling of the valve to ensure reliable operation
  • Easy one-touch function buttons that can open and close the valve, mute the audible alarm, test the device, and/or reset the valve.
  • Includes one water leak sensor and can accommodate additional water leak sensors
  • LeakSmart Water Heater Kit

Any questions please call 215-673-0878 or email us  academyhardware@comcast.net